How to have a mixed bedroom decoration

Different times to create different beauty, furniture mix and match has become a fashion and trend, because fixed matching has been unable to meet people’s needs. Modern bedroom decoration requirements more and more, today with you to share a new bedroom decoration with the trend: mash-up.Let’s take a look at the mix of bed and bedside table fashion combinations.

How to have a mixed bedroom decoration

Simple floor-to-ceiling black table lamp, solid wood four-corner table, simple elegant and fresh bedroom decoration style, simple space matching, give up the bedside table with the match, such a bed head with the space requirements are not high, whether it is large space or small space is very convenient to use. Simple and casual stack with books stacked can be used as a small table, can place small objects, small steps on the table put on the stage lamp, so that with the bedside so that the whole space has a literary atmosphere, in bed before rest want to read, easy to get, such a bedroom decoration is very convenient.

Turn the bedside table into a flower rack, simple white iron frame with green plants, wake up every day to look at the green plant basin picks, your mood will be happy many, clean and tidy bed head no mess of small things, planted green plants, fresh eyes, living in such a style of bedroom decoration inside the mood will be better.

How to have a mixed bedroom decoration

The simplest bed head with a wall table, a small wooden surface, can meet the needs of small items, blue wire incandescent decoration and practical and beautiful, whether the bedroom color is white or color or any style of bedroom decoration style can be matched. Comfortable tatami beds, iron table arc personality fashion, chic table lamp, blue, yellow, red and other colors of the collision, very unique. The simple, candy-colored color matching gives the whole bedroom decoration a touch of macaron blue. This requires us to match the color of the bedroom furniture with perfect.

Bedroom for everyone, is a more private space, he is the embodiment of personality of the place. I hope you can have a good bedroom decoration, get a good rest space.

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